SAFEHIP® – patented hip protection

SAFEHIP® is the only patented hip protector around. Its horseshoe shape assists natural physical functions. The impact of a fall is not only reduced but diverted to the surrounding soft parts. The following pictures clarify how these are different from standard protectors

Unprotected fall

An unprotected sideways fall onto the hip is the most common cause of a fracture of the femur neck. SAFEHIP® hip protection trousers provide maximum protection in falls

Standard protector

Force of impact is only reduced. The reduced energy impacts on soft tissue and bones.

Patented SAFEHIP® protector

Patented SAFEHIP protector The horseshoe design assists natural physical functions. Force of impact is thus reduced and diverted to the surrounding softer tissue.

How can falls and their consequences be prevented?

Prevention is better than cure. This old saying is especially appropriate here. It is better to prevent falls and protect yourself in order to minimize the negative consequences of a fall. This helps to maintain personal mobility and independence.

Reducing the risk of falls

  • Strengthening muscles by daily exercises and movement
  • Balance and coordination training
  • Removal of sources of risk in the household
  • Abstaining from alcohol

Reducing the negative consequences of falls

Not all risks of falls can be controlled or eliminated. Hip protectors can effectively and inexpensively prevent hip fractures. Tytex was the first company to develop hip protectors in conjunction with doctors in the early 1990s. SAFEHIP® was the first hip protector on the market – an innovation in fall prevention. Further innovations

SAFEHIP with patented horseshoe technology has been in existence since 2006. The horseshoe-shaped protectors assist the natural physical function by not only reducing the energy of the impact but also diverting it to the surrounding soft parts. AirX-protectors, 100% textile protectors, followed in 2008. They are made of breathable fabric, are especially skin-friendly, and hardly wear out.

SAFEHIP® – the range

SAFEHIP® AirX™ – the 100% textile hip protector

  • Protectors made from 100% textile AirX material (16 mm thick)
    – adapt to the body perfectly, hardly wear out, and are barely perceptible
  • Excellent breathability (test winner in EMPA test no. 448819, March 2009)
    – Gives a dry and comfortable feeling
    – Minimises skin irritations such as reddening and itching
  • Trousers are very comfortable to wear
    – Seamless trousers have no annoying seams
    – High percentage of elastane creates a perfect fit, meaning that they are also suitable as incontinence trousers.
  • Washable at 95 °C; tumble dryer-safe
  • Medicinal product ➡ CE mark

SAFEHIP® Classic – the traditional hip protector

  • Protectors made of PE soft foam
    – available with sewn-in or removable protectors
  • Trousers are very comfortable to wear:
    – the seamless design has no annoying seams,
    high percentage of elastane creates a perfect fit, meaning that they are also suitable as incontinence trousers
  • Washable at 60 °C; tumble dryer-safe
  • Medicinal product ➡ CE mark 


  • the hip protector for temporary requirements
  • Fields of application:- During the mobilisation phase in rehabilitation
    centres and training venues
    – Indispensable when performing household tasks
    – Ideal for leisure activities such as hiking, walking, cycling, etc.
  • Simple to fit can be worn over or under clothing as desired
  • Breathable material, protectors made of PE soft foam
  • Washable at 40 °C
  • Medicinal product ➡ CE mark 

SAFEHIP® size tables

Measure the dimensions of the broadest part of your hips to find out the appropriate size. If the dimensions are between two sizes, the smaller size should be chosen if the user has slim thighs. The larger size should be chosen in the case of more sturdy thighs. SAFEHIP® hip protectors are available at all medical stores and pharmacies.

SAFEHIP® AirX and SAFEHIP® Classic