ME Medical Surgical Clipper

Why is ME Surgical Clipper your preferred product?

  • Twistable head: safe operation of the Clippers in hard to reach areas of the body
  • Efficient body hair removal in both wet and dry surfaces
  • The right blade for the right type of clipping: a Universal blade and a Neuro blade
  • Non-slip grip – no risk of injury from slipping
  • Easy to use: insert and eject the disposable clipper blade
  • Low noise level
  • High efficiency and thorough shaving
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • A high battery performance and short charging time.

The World`s First
Twistable Surgical Clipper

Easy to use Recommended procedure

Insert disposable shaving head

Remove the disposable shaving head from the pack. Install the new blade on the hair cutting head and slide the blade back until it snaps into place and all edges are flush.

Cutting Hair

Hold the handle of the surgical clipper like
a pen, with the ME logo on top. Stretch the skin, put the shaving head flat on the skin, and run the clipper against the direction of hair growth.

Remove the blade

Turn off the surgical clipper, hold it with the blade pointing down over a waste container and press the eject button, using your thumb pushing forward.

Clean the handle of the surgical clipper

Wash the handle of the surgical clippers with water, dry it. Clean the surgical clipper with a surface disinfectant or disinfectant towel.

Loading and storing

Set the surgical clipper upright in the charger, so that the surgical clipper will be charged for the next use.

How it Works

ME MEDICAL Surgical Clipper Instructional Video

Ordering Information

Product No. Description
SC001 Rechargeable Surgical Clipper
(with charging station)
SC002 Universal disposable blades
SC003 Neuro disposable blade