Total HaeNaem Bur Kit

Key Features

  • Maxillary Sinus Autografting Only By Drilling
  • Bone Density From D4 To D2
  • Easy & Safe Osteotomy
  • Dedicated Drills For Maxillary Sinus & Ridge Expansion
With this state-of-the-art kit, Maxillary Sinus Autografting is secure only by Drilling. It is proven to improve bone density from D4 to D2 which is weak due to drilling. Dentists can achieve an excellent ridge expansion effect only by drilling. The special drills ensure safe surgical operation with the forward direction drilling like the existing drills while making it easier and safer with the addition of a stopper set.

HN Drill Kit Operation 

The HaeNaem Bur Drills Vs. Regular Drills


With a general drill, the cut particles are EXPELLED, AT TIMES CAUSING PERFORATION OF THE CORTEX in the direction opposite to the blade groove. But the HaeNaem bur drill naturally induces BONE densification in which the cut particles are compressed in the moving direction due to the patented drill shape and operating principle.

This is also reinforced by the rotational movement of the drill. As seen in the video, when rotated in liquid, normal drills create a backward spray, while the HanNaem drill creates a steady forward pushing spray.

Comparative Experiment

Drilling test in D3 Bone block-

Normal Drill-
In the case of a general drill, the cut particles are discharged in the opposite direction to the moving direction along the blade groove.

 Haenaem Bur Drill-
In the case of HaeNaem bur drill, it naturally induces particle densification with a structure in which the cut particles are compressed in a moving direction due to the patented drill shape and operating principles.

Liquid Experiment-

  • When rotating the normal drill in liquid, the spray is observed moving backside.
  • When rotating the Haenaem Bur in liquid, the spray is observed moving forward.

Normal Drill/ Haenaem Bur Expansion Drill

  • Normal- Buccal Perforation
  • HN Bur- Expansion without perforation

Instruments Included

Sinus Kit

Expander Kit

What Dental Experts Say About HN Bur Kit

Dr. Sumant S

Haneaeam bur kit is an excellent tool for osseodensification. I have been using the kit both for ridge expansion as well as sinus elevation for the past 6 months and I have got excellent results.

Kang Yik Je (Director of NY dental surgery) Jo Seung Neon (Director of Saint dental surgery)

Although I have used many kits, Haenaem Kit is a convenient kit that can improve bone quality as well as fast speed and stability. It has already been more than 10 years since the development of various devices for height adjustment in Korea, and it is thought that it is a product that brings together the advantages of various devices and adds convenience to use.

Jo Jae Beom (Director of Rooted dental surgery)

Many directors complain of discomfort and fear among implant surgery, especially in maxillary sinus lift surgery. I HAVE also used several equipments to solve this. After USING HAENAEM BUR KIT, my surgery became simple and comfortable. I recommend using it without worrying.

Due to its unique design, HAENAEM has the characteristic that bone chips that have been removed during drilling are not removed from the outside, but into the drilling OSTEOTOMY. This makes it easier to obtain initial STABILITY by increasing the bone density, or if the maxillary sinus is slightly perforated, the bone chip is inserted into the maxillary sinus during drilling, enabling safe maxillary sinus elevation. AFTER USING HAEANAEM BUR KIT the use of implant manufacturers’ drills has been significantly reduced.

There is no longer a need to use other maxillary sinus kits. I recommend you try it out.

Kim Si Seok (Director of Rooted dental surgery)

The Osseodensification method makes the Sinus procedure very simple. In particular, I think the biggest advantage is that the Crestal Approach can be operated without burden even for patients with LESS RESIDUALBONE HEIGHT, and that Bone Densification can be induced without bone loss.